FIONA, Brighton

When I first started training with Chris, I was unfit, overweight and had some serious flexibility issues. I'm 38 and have a lower back and hip injury after a fall from a height when I was a teenager. The resultant scar tissue has meant I have not been able to touch my toes in years. 

I have trained with many PT's in different cities and countries and can genuinely say that none have come close to achieving the results I have enjoyed while training with Chris - the results have far exceeded my expectations.

Chris is super professional and has systematically worked on my problem areas so that six months on, I'm pain free and I literally can't believe how much my flexibility, strength and body shape have improved.


And this is all because Chris' training style is addictive. I usually get bored with training and have in the past always dreaded PT sessions but Chris has a very laid back & fun approach, he's very creative in his sessions so you're always learning new skills which means you never get bored and training flies by in flash.

Before I get too Gwyneth Paltrow and gushing I will just say this. The three things you need to know about Chris is he is the least shouty PT I know (it's true, Chris doesn't shout), he genuinely cares (you're not just a paycheck) and he really knows his stuff.

To give you some context I was a size 14 and now my size 10 jeans are loose, I'm lifting 70KG at the squat rack and touching my toes with gay abandon.

MARIA, Yoga instructor

I was feeling a little apprehensive about my first session with Chris, I've had PT's before who haven't been that attentive or focused, but within 10 minutes I was completely won over!

Chris is conscientious and so knowledgeable, I instantly felt at ease. His training style is the right amount of intensive while the mood is relaxed and supportive. We created a goal from using my current stats, and Chris' workout plan has targeted exactly what I wanted it to.

Throughout our sessions I have noticed a huge improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing.


I can't recommend him enough.


LOUISE, model

In my profession looking good is a necessity, I had always been very slim so I rarely needed to work out. That all changed when I signed up for the Brighton Marathon, I soon realised that in my current condition I wasn't going to get round 26 miles.

I needed a trainer with the knowledge and support to improve my endurance and strength, this is where Chris comes into it. He has taken me from being 'Bambi,' completely unstable at everything I did to someone who not only looks athletic and toned but is ready for the marathon.

He has got me into the best shape of my life, even my friends and family notice week on week improvements.
Even at 6am every training session is always fun with constant laughs.

I would recommend him to anyone.



Having Chris as a personal trainer has made a very positive impact on my life. As a medical professional I'm continuously impressed by his knowledge and commitment to his clients.


His advice and support have helped me improve my fitness beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving


Chris has been training me for 4 months to become leaner and to improve my upper body strength.  The results have been fantastic.  He teaches great technique across a range of exercise that I’ve been able to use in my own workouts.  He’s always encouraging but pushes me hard to achieve my goals. I have now reached my goal of squatting and deadlifting 100kg!

KIT, student

When I started training with Chris we worked together to establish my weaknesses and set goals accordingly. Through his detailed knowledge and straightforward demonstrations we have worked together to solve my issues and I have since progressed forward to achieve my goals.



I have been working with Chris for over six months now and I have seen incredible results. This is all down to Chris' diverse training methods that are challenging yet always interactive and fun. Chris is extremely friendly and willing individual who is always willing to help - even outside of our training times. I cannot recommend him enough as a personal trainer